Refreshments 1993   edition 450   sold out
Double Locks, Exeter 1993   edition 450   limited quantities
Dellers Café, Paignton 2013   private edition  10  only

Kennedy Brookes plc 1984: company poster  limited quatities

Posters, postcards, cards and impedimenta
Torbay Steam Railway 1973: poster
Dart Valley Railway 1973: poster
Trocadero, Piccadilly: set of six postcards 1983
Maxim’s de Paris, London 1984: set of two postcards
Café Opera, London 1984: poster
Wheeler’s, London1984: poster
Caledonian Airways In-flight magazine 1984
The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping 1984: postcard
The Lass of Richmond Hill, Richmond 1984: postcard
The Albert, Victoria 1984: postcard
Grand Hotel, Torquay: sweatshirt 1985
Refreshments 1985: postcard and mug
St Mary le Strand Church 1985: greetings card
Westminster Cathedral 1986: greetings card
Doble Jewellers, Torquay 1986: postcard
Mick Hanley Suffolk College Exhibition 1988: poster
Flying Saucers Repair Station, California 1989: business postcard
Lincoln Cathedral 1990: Lincoln Imp mug
Liverpool Cathedral 1990: mug and two thimbles!
Safeway, Totnes 1992: set of eight postcards of History of Merchandising in Totnes paintings
Mick Hanley Retrospective, Torre Abbey, Torquay 1996: poster
Gwithian Church 1997: greetings card